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J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:1-47
Chi-Min Park
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:1-1
Review Article
General Principles in Hemodynamic Monitoring
Hye Youn Kwon, Ji Young Jang, Keum Seok Bae, and Hongjin Shim
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:2-8
Original Articles
Prevalence of Multidrug Resistant Organisms in Inter-Hospital Transferred Critically Ill Patients
Changho Heo, Dae-Sang Lee, Eunmi Gil, and Chi-Min Park
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:9-14
Blood Transfusions for Emergency Laparotomies in General Surgery
Vignesh Narasimhan, Robert Spychal, and Charles Pilgrim
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:15-22
Multi-Detector Computed Tomography Coronal View for Deciding Optimal Incision Site in Acute Appendicitis
Jun Won Son, Seong Beom Oh, and Hyun Young Cho
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:23-29
Case Reports
Pneumoperitoneum from Subcutaneous Emphysema after Blunt Chest Injury
Byung Hee Kang, and Jonghwan Moon
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:30-33
Deep Neck Infection with Mediastinal Abscess Treated by Modified Vacuum-Assisted Closure Application
Bongyoung Kim, Jieun Kim, Hye-seon Kim, Chang Myeon Song, and Hyunjoo Pai
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:34-38
Two Cases of Bronchial Injury in Patients with Blunt Chest Trauma
Hong Joo Seo, Kyung Hoon Sun, and Sun Pyo Kim
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:39-43
Interest Images
Delayed Traumatic Small Bowel Perforation without Signs of Generalized Peritonitis
Seon Uoo Choi, Jae Hun Kim, and Sang Bong Lee
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:44-45
Air Compressor-Induced Whole Colon Injury with Massive Pneumoperitoneum
Seon Uoo Choi, Jae Hun Kim, and Gil Hwan Kim
J Acute Care Surg 2017;7:46-47
Journal of Acute Care Surgery (J Acute Care Surg) is the official journal of the Korean Society of Acute Care Surgery (KSACS) biannually published on the 30th of April and October in Korean or English. It is open access peer-reviewed journal that focuses on acute care surgery The first issue was published in 2011....

Chi-Min Park
Korean Society of Acute Care Surgery
42, Jebong-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 501-757, Korea
A Review of Acute Appendicitis
Ki Hoon Kim, M.D.
Received March 10, 2015; Accepted April 16, 2015.
Pathophysiology of Hemorrhagic Shock
Wu Seong Kang, Ji Woong Yeom, Young Goun Jo, and Jung Chul Kim
Received July 31, 2015; Accepted November 23, 2015.
Catheter Related Bloodstream Infection
Ji Hoon Kim, M.D., Sung Jeep Kim, M.D., Hang Joo Cho, M.D., Ph.D.
Received October 7, 2014; Accepted October 20, 2014.

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