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J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:1-41
Chi-Min Park
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:1-1
Review Article
Rehabilitation in Intensive Care Unit
Won Kim
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:2-6
Original Articles
Analysis of Neck Trauma Patients Using the Korean National Emergency Department Information System
Jung Hun Kim, Sung Won Jung, Jin Suk Lee, Jong-Min Park, Han Deok Yoon, Jung Tak Rhee, Sun Worl Kim, Borami Lim, So Ra Kim, and Il-Young Jung
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:7-12
Clinical Significance of Creatine Kinase Elevation in Critically Ill Patients
Chi-Woo Lee, Seung-Wook Choi, Dae-Sang Lee, Eunmi Gil, and Chi-Min Park
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:13-18
Risk Factors Associated with Mortality of Patients with Pelvic Fractures and Hemodynamic Instability in a Korean Trauma Center
Moo-Hyun Kim, Hongjin Shim, Keum Seok Bae, Hoon Ryu, and Ji Young Jang
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:19-24
Case Reports
Carbon Dioxide Retention after Non-Cardiac Surgery in a Patient with Cor Pulmonale
Tak Kyu Oh, Hyeyeon Cho, and Dae-Soon Cho
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:25-29
Takotsubo Syndrome Resulting from Traumatic Multiple Rib Fractures
Yoo Jin Jung, Su Wan Kim, and Joon Hyouk Choi
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:30-32
Adaptation of New Oral Anticoagulants for Warfarin Anticoagulated Patient with Traumatic Ongoing Hemorrhage
Jin Bong Ye, Young Hoon Sul, Jin Young Lee, Seung Je Go, and Jung Hee Choi
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:33-37
Interesting Images
Mechanical Obstruction of the Small Bowel by a Dried Persimmon, Misdiagnosed as Intussusception
Young Sun Yoo, and Seong Pyo Mun
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:38-39
Retrosternal Hemorrhage after Cardiac Compression
Byung Hee Kang, Jonghwan Moon, Kyoungwon Jung, and Yo Huh
J Acute Care Surg 2018;8:40-41
Journal of Acute Care Surgery (J Acute Care Surg) is the official journal of the Korean Society of Acute Care Surgery (KSACS) biannually published on the 30th of April and October in Korean or English. It is open access peer-reviewed journal that focuses on acute care surgery The first issue was published in 2011....

Chi-Min Park
Korean Society of Acute Care Surgery
42, Jebong-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 501-757, Korea
A Review of Acute Appendicitis
Ki Hoon Kim, M.D.
Received March 10, 2015; Accepted April 16, 2015.
Pathophysiology of Hemorrhagic Shock
Wu Seong Kang, Ji Woong Yeom, Young Goun Jo, and Jung Chul Kim
Received July 31, 2015; Accepted November 23, 2015.
Definition and Pathophysiologic Mechanisms of the Sepsis
Ji Young Jang, Hongjin Shim, Jae Gil Lee